Flawed and Damaged

Author: Emily Krat

Pages: 421
Description: Why it has such huge ratings? Am I becoming too insensible or this genres is becoming a hit or miss for me. Or I pick the wrong books. But for me this is not a 5 or a 4, because from the first page the writing style seemed meh, neutral, I wasn’t curious, excited, not even bored. But I said to myself maybe it gets better, maybe I’m to picky and obsessed with good writing style and I don’t get it.
And I arrived at 50% and I was lost into the book… because of boredom. Flat characters, cliche plot, meh writing style.

Have I read too much NA? I don’t think so. Have I got myself into some bad book but high praised? Yes, for sure. For me this is a big no but maybe is good for you. I dunno. Look at the mountain of praises and if you liked it please explain me why. What I didn’t see?!
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