In Defense of Knowing

Author: Charles Mahoney

Pages: 478
Description: Shortly after relocating his family to the sweet tea-obsessed town of Sumlyn, Missouri, things start to unravel for a dedicated youth pastor and his dutiful wife. Hawes Trainor has always gone where he’s called without question, and the move to a satellite church is no different save for the well-being of his daughter, Danielle. Affectionately called “D” by her father, the twelve-year-old is admitted late one night to the local hospital for stomach pains, where she’s placed under the care of the mysterious Dr. Grove. For Hawes and his schoolteacher wife, Angela, the situation soon spins out of control. He may call the shots, but she was nearly selected for the Space Shuttle Challenger, coming within only a few teachers of the fateful mission. Angela has dreams of her own yet must put them on hold to help her husband figure out the real reason why D isn’t waking from a medically-induced coma. In Defense of Knowing by Charles Mahoney is a mystery laced with suspense that will have you asking: was he «called» or sent?
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