Nine’s Legacy

Author: Pittacus Lore

ISBN: 9780062194787
Pages: 144
Description: Reading this book, I have learned the real «Nine». Having the fact that I found him being such a jerk to Four, I judged him too harshly. Now that I’ve read his part of the story, I can see why he became like that.

It’s funny because behind that strong facade of his, lied a very distinct character similar to that of four. Just like Four, his Cepan died because of a stupid decision he made (Choosing to stay because of a girl). Unlike him though, Nine became more mature and reserved. What can we say? The hardships and pain he had to endure in that cell would definitely change a person.. (Six?)

Overall, I found Nine as the bravest and strongest of all the Garde characters I have known so far. He ended the life of the very person who took care of him and loved him as his own son, in an act of mercy. His legacies are superior too, giving only him the power of gravity. In regards to strength, Nine is definitely the strongest.If by chance Four is not the inheritor of Pittacus Lore’s legacies, Nine must be it then (Hands down).


Even with all the praise I’m giving him right now, my favorite Garde is still Six :))
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