The Value of Life

Author: Andy Crowson

ISBN: 9781409218906
Pages: 184
Description: The Value of Life

A Kidnapping – but the parents are ordinary folk and the ransom note does not demand a specific amount of cash … what value do the parents put on their son’s life?

CDI Peter Bentworth is baffled and turns to the only psychology graduate on his force – new to the department Josef Lindahl. When first one more, then two more and then three more boys of similar appearance and age but with widely differing parental background are snatched from under the noses of their parents, life at the Longmarsh station in south London gets really hectic.

DI Mason is convinced it’s the money (as it usually is in a kidnapping) Lindahl is sure that money is not the kidnapper’s main concern … but he’s just a new DC. And anyway, what does the kidnapper really want?
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