Title: Fierce People

Author: Dirk Wittenborn

ISBN: 9781582342924
Pages: 352
Description: Every once in a while I try to pick up something which is different than my normal choice of reading material. This certainly qualifies. Quite a few reviewers have commpared this story to Catcher in the Rye which worried me since I detested the Salinger’s classic. Surprisingly, I found myself drawn into Finn’s tale. Albeit, Finn is a rebellious teenager, a liar, a bit of an asshole, and likes to use his recreational drugs, you just can’t help but root for him. I think the difference between him and Caulfield is that Finn is aware of his shortcomings and hates himself for them.

Finn, the lovechild of a single mom (whose behavior does not make her the best role model) and of famous anthroplogist who lives among the Yanomamo (the fierce people) tribe of South America. Finn only knows his father through letters and an occassional film. Thus, he seems himself as an amateur anthropologist and wishes to spend the summer with his father and study the fierce people as well. Unfortunately, events throw Finn into the midst of a different tribe altogether. Finn becomes embedded with the Fierce People of a village in New Jersey. They are the upperclass economically elite. Certainly, the author shows one doesn’t have to have money to have class and the upperclass in this story surely do not possess it. Wittenborn clearly depicts money does not make happiness. Although the story had some anachronisms (Ex: I don’t think the word «poser» existed in 1978) I clearly enjoyed it even though it illuminates a lifestyle which I know nothing about.
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