Title: Strength of the Mate

Author: Kendall McKenna

Pages: 356
Description: Rampaging werewolves cause the True Alpha to send his Omega, Dawson Rivers, to bring them under control. Can Adam Madison help or hinder Dawson’s mission?

Adam Madison is in Iraq, driving supply trucks for the Marines, but he still can’t outrun his personal ghosts. Outside the wire, insurgents are a relentless threat. Inside, renegade werewolves are a constant danger.

Dawson Rivers is on a mission for the True Alpha—bring the rampaging shifters under control. Adam proves to be invaluable to his task. Their intense mutual attraction explodes into a powerful physical, and emotional connection.

Their future together is in peril, when Adam’s convoy is ambushed. Can they learn to rely on the strength of their bond? Adam staying alive long enough for Dawson to find him depends on it.
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