Title: The Circle Trilogy

Author: Ted Dekker

ISBN: 9781595545329
Pages: 1182
Description: THIS IS THE BEST TRILOGY I HAVE EVER READ IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. It’s packed with action, utels of suspense, fear, confusion, romance, and mystery. The main character, Tomas Hunter, is stuck between two realities (when he falls asleep in one he wakes up in the other) and ends up having to save them both. One world is present day with a sneaky and very intelligent terrorist on the lose with the only vaccine to a deadly contagious virus that he has infected upon all of the US. In the alternate reality, the world’s evil is all physical, and no longer just spiritual and mental. There is the green forest, the remnants of the good and truth in the world with elion, God, and the black forest with Tonni, representing Satan. One of the creatures has come to Tonni’s side and given him a foothold to attack and take over the green forest. The whole earth is being attacked. Thomas Hunter must save both worlds and he finds there is more to it than just outliving everyone else; it may indeed mean dying in order to live.

I recommend this book over all other books (except the Bible of course)… it is my favorite book (even though it’s three) of all times!!!

PS. I recommend all Ted Dekker books… i have never EVER been disappointed! 😀
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